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“I Am” a cocoa farmer, a gold miner, a chocolate maker, a jeweler. “I Am” a person with a name, a family, a rich history and a vision for a better, more equitable world. “I Am” a woman and part of a movement to empower other women to build peace and resilience in our communities. “I Am” not a label or your typical multinational brand or a faceless third party certification. With love, I make the products you buy and consume every day. 

Join with me, connect to me and together let’s expand this movement to lift other women in conflict-affected areas into this economic revolution!

“Origins” is where we, your producers and products, come from. Since the beginning of globalization, consumers have enjoyed thousands of products whose base ingredients originate from Africa without even knowing. Approximately 70% of the world’s cocoa and 25% of the world’s gold comes from Africa yet less than 1% of finished products do. With movements like ours, this dynamic which fulls climate change, conflict and gender inequities is beginning to change.
“Origins” is the lush rainforest in the Congo and the lustrous gold mines in Western Kenya. “Origins” is the erupting Nyiragongo volcano and the calm sunset of Mombasa.  “Origins” is part of a movement that is reclaiming what has been lost in time.
Come back to your roots with us in our journey and to the source of life itself. Africa is the cradle of the best of the best, and that should be known across the world. Wounds from centuries of exploitation and silence need to heal. The narrative needs changing, and we can do this together. Join us.

To be a part of this movement, shop our high-quality products and taste the empowerment.

We are ‘not-not’ a chocolate company or a jeweler, a carpenter or an artist! Huh, what does that mean!? We are a social enterprise training and giving women the tools to make the world's most glorious chocolate, highest quality jewelry and thoughtfully curated items that represent the origins of the producers we work with.
We are a women-led not-for-profit working towards building peace and resilient communities, fighting climate change and empowering women through economic development. We do this through creating first of their kind in-country value addition within conflict-affected and high-risk areas. We had the first ever chocolate making facility in the DRC, and decided to work exclusively with female survivors of gender-based violence.
Our aim is creating pathways that others can follow and providing opportunities that lead to peace and development of the communities we work with.

We are reinventing consumer-choice to focus first on our social missions. For communities in conflict-affected areas this means diversifying their economies so they aren’t dependent on just one industry like mining. Most of the communities we’re partnered with produce cocoa and coffee right next to artisanal gold mines. Usually this economic benevolence means they’re also targets for armed rebel groups, criminal syndicates and dastardly villains. But when these communities work with development programs like ours, usually as part of a larger foreign aid program, it can give them a chance to rebuild from the conflict, forge stronger economies and hopefully prevent conflict from flaring up again. They no longer must rely on just selling extractives or a once-a-year harvest. From bean to bar, from ore to earring, they can be a part of the entire process, and benefit from it!

Go buy something right now and help us spread the impact across more communities. Go, go, go!

Learn more about how we are reinventing development, sustainability, and consumer-choice.

We are women. We are not just women producers, we are women leaders, women farmers, women chocolate makers, women jewelers. We have so much to bring to the table.
For centuries women have been marginalized and remained in the footnotes of development.
We’re tired of that!
Are we only women? No, of course not! Much of our work includes men who share our goals for equity and opportunity.
Empowering one woman leads to the empowerment of her entire community. One woman can raise a whole community from poverty, conflict, and environmental ruin. We work with women to lay foundations for a better future and resilient communities. We work with women to end the cycle of poverty and conflict, so that peace can come back to communities that have been without it for so long.
We work with women because we are women, and we must have each other’s backs as part of a global sisterhood.

Peace can only take hold and remain in an area when people have steady employment and something to look forward to each day. While it is a higher risk for us, knowing that our work creates new opportunities every day that keep conflict away is more than enough to make up for it.

Here are some basic facts: More than 70% of the cocoa, 20% of the gold, and 12% of the coffee the world consumes comes from Africa. Yet, less than 1% of the finished products are made here.
Most of the raw materials are used by mainstream companies who put their own stamp on the finished product, and you never find out that the chocolate you’re eating, the gold in your wedding band or the coffee in your favorite brew came from Africa.
Typically, raw materials will be taken from Africa, shipped halfway across the world, processed then shipped to another country which will then claim the finished product as their own.
This not only increases the carbon footprint of the product, but also erases the origin.
Local value addition means we keep raw materials at their source and do everything at origin to create a finished product that is of equal or superior quality and completely local.
Our products are entirely grown, sourced, and made in Africa, reclaiming the credit for being the world’s best.


We work with small scale farmers in the Congo who cultivate forest friendly, and shade grown cocoa. The shade growing process utilizes natural forest cover and enhances the biodiversity of the Congo’s rainforest and gives a unique flavor to the cocoa beans.

Click here to read more about our origins.

Nothing that doesn’t belong there!
Organic cocoa beans + organic sugar = dark chocolate
Organic cocoa beans + organic sugar + powdered milk = milk chocolate

For other specialty flavors, all our ingredients are grown and sourced entirely in Africa.

Click here to read more about how our chocolate is made.

All of our chocolate is vegan except for the milk chocolate as it’s made with powdered dairy milk. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to learn more about our upcoming Vegan Milk Chocolate made from coconuts!

Try it out!

Cocoa beans are put under high-pressure using a special machine which separates the cocoa oil (butter) from the solids (cocoa mass or powder). The smooth yellowish/white oil is 100% pure of awesomeness and has a variety of health and cosmetic benefits.
Hint: Try using our cocoa butter instead of dairy butter the next time you make brownies! It will blow. Your. Mind.
Click here to learn more.

We source powdered cow’s milk from local farms and happy cows to stay true to our principle of local value addition. All of our ingredients are grown and sourced entirely in Africa.
Ok, so we haven’t interviewed all the cows, but we know the ones we have met looked like they could jump over the moon.

Our chocolate contains cane sugar organically grown and sourced locally to stay true to our principle of in-country value addition. All of our ingredients are grown and sourced entirely in Africa.

ll of our cocoa is sourced from 100% Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified farms going above and beyond just certification. Our farming partners are also the custodians of the 2nd largest rainforest in the world, protecting it for future generations. It doesn’t get more organic.

Most chocolate is put through a single stage of refining or grinding. We’ve developed a unique chocolate making process which refines the chocolate not once but three times, ensuring the smoothest texture and flavor possible.

Taste it to believe it!

Red wine and chocolate are very similar in many ways, besides our propensity to over consume them both. Aging the chocolate allows it to breath, reducing bitterness often associated with darker chocolates. Our unique process allows the more nuanced flavors that represent the origin of the beans to come forward and be appreciated.

Try the results!

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

We can’t guarantee that you’d have anything left to store once you’ve taken that first bite, but if you must, we recommend you keep it out of direct sunlight and store in a cool and dry place between 60-64 degrees Fahrenheit (16-18 degrees Celsius).

Once it leaves our shop how chocolate is stored or transported can have a big effect on what it looks like. If you spot a white layer on your chocolate it’s most likely fat bloom. This happens when the cocoa butter starts to separate from the rest of the ingredients as it melts and solidifies. This is the most common cause of the white layer, and has no effect on the flavor of the chocolate.
Sugar bloom is quite rare and happens if you get your chocolate wet or if it’s exposed to humidity. Again, the chocolate is still edible and carries no health risks.


We source gold from small scale mining cooperatives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Kenya, paying above the fair trade value. Did you know our partners at Chambers Federation are the first and only company allowed by US Customs to import gold from the DRC into the United States precisely because of the due diligence standards that are implemented.

Read more here

Yes, of course.
All our gold is sourced from donor supported artisanal mine sites in partnership with organizations like the United Nations (UN), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR).
We work very hard with communities in conflict-affected and high-risk areas to ensure that the gold we source is free of conflict, forced labor, and child labor.
While things don’t always go according to plan because of the involvement of illicit forces, we can guarantee 100% transparency through our incident reporting program. 

The artisanal miners that we source gold from all implement mercury-free techniques and technology. This eliminates all human and environmental exposure of this toxic substance to the environment and local communities. At the same time we train several thousand artisanal miners in Kenya and Congo (DRC) who do use mercury but are receiving capacity building training to wean them off the usage of mercury and to find efficient and safe solutions.
Once they are mercury-free they become eligible to enter our supply chains.
Here are some links to the work our partners and us are doing to reduce and eliminate the use of mercury:
Conservation X Labs 
United Nations Environmental Program 
Project Access (European Partnership for Responsible Minerals)  
Alliance for Responsible Mining  
Mercury Free Mining 


Partner governments like the United States of America, Germany, among others, provide foreign aid to developing nations to assist in economic growth and efficiency. Donor-funded programs help provide opportunities to local communities for a variety of objectives including peacebuilding, environmental conservation, employment and entrepreneurship. As a social enterprise, often considered a development organization, Origins’ social mission is usually aligned with these foreign aid programs and often lead to different program implementations.
Here are a few of the programs in which we are involved in:
Project Access (European Partnership for Responsible Minerals)
Partnership for the Development of Eastern Congo (managed by MercyCorps, funded by USAID)
Capacity Building for Responsible Minerals Trade (managed by Tetra Tech, funded by USAID)
ELAN RDC (managed by Adam Smith International, funded by DFID)
USAID’s Investment Facilitation Activity in the DRC (managed by Crossboundary and Chemonix, funded by USAID)
Conservation X Labs (co-funded by USAID)

Our work directly impacts 32,000 small-scale farmers and artisanal miners just in the DRC.
The impact of the development programs that we are part of goes above and beyond this number and ends up benefitting not just the farmers and miners, but also other companies that source from them. Now, that doesn’t mean that we source cocoa or ASM gold from each of these 32,000 people. But it does mean that other companies sourcing from these areas can reap the benefit of our impact and work.

No, but our own kids are our chocolate taste testers!
Seriously though, there’s no joke when it comes to child labor. The advantage of having a simple supply chain, whether it’s for cocoa or for gold,  is that we can monitor everything quite closely. For the communities in eastern Congo, life can be quite challenging, but this is why we work so closely with them to economically empower them which enables them to keep their children in school. While we can’t guarantee that things always go according to plan, we can guarantee that we take our incident reporting very seriously.

If you would like to learn more, click here to contact us.

We do not have the fair trade logo and certification on our chocolates or jewelry because we do not prescribe entirely to their values. We believe that despite all the good work fair trade programs have done, a better system that works in the conflict-affected and high-risk areas that we operate in is that of direct trade. Buying from and working directly with small scale farmers and artisanal miners enables us to give them more money than they would get through a fair trade system.


Please click here for very boring legal pages. Did you know chocolate has caffeine? Chew on that to stay awake while reading these pages!

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