The goal of Project Origins is to develop and implement means to uplift marginalized communities while showcasing their amazing personalities and resilience in the face of conflict. By providing training in sustainable means of production and ensuring responsible sourcing, we commit to long term solutions that increase economic development and give the communities we work with a much deserved, higher standard of living.

We are reinventing sustainability, development, and consumer choice through our not-for-profit model. We work in conflict-affected and high-risk areas to create lasting avenues for peace, equity, and empowerment

We are reinventing sustainability, development, and consumer choice through our not-for-profit model built on three pillars of:

Project Origins is made up of:

Responsible Sourcing & Forest Smart Mineral Processing

Developing market access for artisanal miners and farmers, both domestic and international, to be integrated into formal, inclusive supply chains
Leading the pathway to test and implement forest smart mineral processing, giving rise to new techniques and technologies that can be adopted by everyone.

Microfinance & Impact Bond

Building economic diversity through fair capital deployed to Project Origin partners and surrounding communities. Check out our upcoming bond available in the US market, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


Female apprentices making chocolate, jewelry, and other value-added products in Kenya & DRC

Training & Value Addition

Our focus on building value at source include:


Using shade grown and forest friendly cocoa from small scale farmers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Origins Innovation Labs (OIL) is the first chocolate factory in the DRC and has led to 5 others trained and replicating its model. OIL has now expanded to Kenya and is creating in-country value addition and inclusive supply chains by training women to produce the world’s best tasting bean to bar chocolate in the DRC & Kenya.


Using locally sourced artisanal gold, we train local women to create beautiful pieces of jewelry of the highest quality. This creates in-country value addition and provides women with the opportunity to become independent entrepreneurs, increasing economic development and building equity within the industry


18.7 million acres of forest cover is being lost every year. To provide more environmentally conscious options for furniture, we recycle waste material from the construction and shipping industries in a quest to combat this problem. Training and empowering local artisans, providing tools and workshop space, we create visually stunning and durable pieces of furniture.


We provide tools and training to local artists while building a formal route-to-market for their creations. We train artisans on more sustainable means of production and utilise recycled materials wherever possible. These include but are not limited to traditional masks, woven fabrics, and awe-inspiring paintings by extremely talented artists.

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