Kuba Cloth kc5007xl (D R Congo)

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Once used as a status symbol for the elite, this unique piece of art with its complex and intricate geometric design is a representation of the cultural wealth of the Kuba people from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Handmade using raffia fibres which are locally grown and sourced, this is an inclusive labor of love.
Providing local artisans, most of whom are women, with a formal route-to-market, we pay them more and charge you less! There cannot be a sweeter deal.

We curate special artisanal products that embody the cultural heritage of Africa to provide you with the chance of engaging more with the local communities where our cocoa is grown.
Eat our chocolate, style yourself with artisanal jewelry and live the experience through fascinating and versatile handcrafted art like Kuba cloths and traditional masks!

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Cocoa Sourced from

Democratic Republic of The  Congo 


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