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Our apprenticeship program economically empowers the apprentices through training them on
theoretical business knowledge and essential technical jewelry making skills. Our focus is on
brass, gold and gold plated jewelry, as well as brass casting from spent shell casings in line with our peacekeeping efforts.

It doesn’t stop there! The apprentices are integrated into CODE Femmes, which is a survivor-led
cooperative in the DRC. As members of the cooperative, they have easy market access and are
able to utilize the fully equipped training and manufacturing studio to create the finished products.

Jewelry Apprentices

Kavira Stuka

For Kavira, making jewelry that does not hurt or react with her skin is the best part of the apprenticeship program. Earrings hold a special place in her heart and

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Kanyere is a morning person and she uses that energy to work on her farm and sell tomatoes. As a mother, she teaches her children to be self-sufficient, take care

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As a business woman, Germaine is used to selling and knowing what customers want. As part of the apprenticeship program, she has greatly enjoyed learning more about financial management.  Another

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ruth kingabo

While she holds a diploma in pedagogy, Ruth is a tailor who specializes in women’s clothes. The best part about the apprenticeship program for her has been learning how to

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Kavugho runs her own small business where she sells groceries. Her not-so-hidden talent is her business acumen and self-sufficiency, which are values she also instils in her children. She loves

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 Would you like to further support women survivors to complete our apprenticeship program and gain essential skills that will transform their lives? Contact us to find out how!

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