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Reinventing Sustainability

We are on a mission to change how the world creates and consumes products. We believe it’s possible to have good things, that are made ethically, transparently, and in ways that are beneficial to the producers. Click to learn more about the key tenets that guide our philosophy of reinvention!

What we do and Why We do it

We are raising the bar on how the world consumes products from Africa, and we want you to join this movement!
Through a range of products and programs, we are diversifying economic development opportunities for women and other marginalized groups, encouraging the replication, and spurring of cottage industries from our work in the DRC and Kenya.

Our unique processes are thoughtfully designed to reduce our environmental impact and to operate in a green and clean manner. We have joined forces with marginalized and conflict-affected & high-risk communities to change the current power dynamics in local and international supply chains.
Our partnerships with local and international development organizations and non-profit-organizations such as the United Nations (UN), United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have enabled us to implement a stronger model for impact, especially in the DRC.

Our unprecedented model holistically effectuates long term solutions for communities that have constantly faced trials and been overburdened. It is not them doing the work and someone else reaping the benefits, but finally they are leading their victory to economic and environmental sustainability.
Work with us to plant seeds towards fostering peace, resilience, and stability for a better future by purchasing products made through empowerment and choice rather than necessity.

Women's Economic Empowerment

Women contribute greatly towards every economy but remain disproportionately affected by economic inequity, even more so in conflict-affected areas. As a women-led movement we address these inequities head-on by empowering other women to develop new opportunities and enhance their skills so they may participate in value addition, while getting a living wage that can support them and their families.
We work towards bringing other women into the forefront so that we can transform existing supply chains of raw materials into a more impactful value-added product. We believe that in order to live in an equitable world for all, as women, we should not just be in the footnotes of economic development, but we must lead that change.

Climate Action

In our planet’s battle against climate change, we need to implement changes to the way we do things, and we need to do it now! From making chocolate to crafting jewelry, our movement creates value addition at origin so that we may drastically reduce our carbon footprint, cutting out the movement of raw materials across the globe to achieve a finished product.
For our work in the artisanal gold mining sector, we have implemented the complete elimination of all mercury, cyanide, chlorine gas, nitric and hydrochloric acids from the supply chains to prevent degradation of the natural ecosystem. The cocoa and coffee that our farmers as custodians of the rainforest grow, is entirely shade grown and forest friendly, which helps prevent deforestation and protect the natural biodiversity in our forests.
Moreover, our unique manufacturing processes doesn’t just happen at origin but returns to making products by hand, removing as much mechanization as possible, to reduce our energy consumption and increase our workforce for a greater economic and environmental impact. 

Building Peace & Resilience

Most of the communities we work with have dealt with more conflict and instability than we can ever imagine with many generations never experiencing peace at all. Inspired by their fortitude, we collaborate with them to build long term solutions that can help them sustain their livelihoods and keep community members from picking up arms and instead protect peace and build resilience within their own communities. In Eastern DRC alone, we work with a network of 32,000 small holder farmers and artisanal miners who have benefitted from our training and advisory support. However, many of our partner communities are surrounded by non-state armed groups, therefore having access to avenues of stability and peace are particularly important for the endurance of these communities. Our economic development also ties into Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration (DDR) as we work with former combats who have taken the initiative to restore stability and resilience within their communities by laying down their arms and start a journey to rebuild their communities.
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