70% Dark Chocolate Chili Mango Jam 75g


Coming to you from the rich volcanic earth of the Petit Nord, and the shores of Lake Albert, this chocolate bar is reclaiming a secret guarded by the famed Belgian chocolatiers.
With a cool and decadent flavour, it leaves a lingering sweetness on your palate and gives you a revolutionary and transparent way of enjoying chocolate.
Tastes better because it is better! (ICONS) We work with conflict-affected high risk communities to build resilience by producing our bean to bar chocolate at origin.
We bring you closer than ever before to the women and communities who are the source of our shade grown cocoa, part of the production process, and the reason why our chocolate bars are so delightfully incredible!
Click to learn more about our journey and the makers of your chocolate.

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Cocoa Sourced from

Democratic Republic of The  Congo 


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