Ashuza Muhogera Eunice

Making jewelry is more than just learning a new skill for Ashuza; it is living her wildest dream. Her favorite memory is receiving a bracelet from her father. Unfortunately, the bracelet fell and broke, but she is now able to not only repair it but also create something new with her hands, which is why she is so excited to be learning to make jewelry.
At 21 years old, Ashuza holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and finance. She also runs a small business selling women’s shoes. She believes that a woman should be self-sufficient, and as such, she is always eager to learn and teach. When she is not busy learning jewelry making or running her small business, she enjoys baking, singing, and teaching. When asked what one meal she could eat every day if she could, pork and banana were clear favorites!
Her favorite time of the day is nighttime when she gets to rest and reflect on her day.
She dreams of one day being able to make jewelry that makes people as happy as the bracelet from her father made her feel.

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